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He complained of a drawing pain in both groins and testicles,nocturia,burning on urination and the intermittent voiding of red-colored urine.


一夜有2次小便have nocturia twice nightly (a night)

这次住院时解出一个结石pass a stone on this admission

小便浑浊one's urine is thick(colored)

解出极浑浊,乳白色的尿the passage of highly turbid,milky urine

频尿frequent urination(micturition)

无法忍受的频尿intolerable frequency of urination

终末性血尿terminal hematuria

终末尿带有几滴血urine terminates with a few drops of blood

排尿痛micturition pain

解尿时左腰疼痛have pain in the left loin on micturition

小便流势良好void with a good stream

尿流细小small urinary stream

常解少量的尿pass small amounts of urine frequently

小便发生困难dysuria(inability to void)developed

小便时非常的痛piss pins and needles

变成失禁become incontinent

患便尿失禁develop urinary and fecal incontinence

把尿失禁完全治好obtain complete cure of incontinence

不能把尿尽行解出be unable to void without residual urine


His voiding was accompanied by severe burning,and he was greatly inconvenienced at work.


He has a frequent desire to urinate,but only a few drops cone out each time.


There was a decrease in libido but ejaculation was still present.

发觉性欲减退note decreased libido

发觉性欲渐减note gradual loss of libido

性欲有些减退have some decrease in libido

没有性欲have no libido

性冷感be frigid(unaffectionate)sexually

性欲正常libido is normal

性要求过高(太低)be oversexed(undersexed)

对于性交无热诚be unenthusiastic about intercourse

性感不快已有几个月了had dyspareunia for a few months

不起劲的性关系devitalized sexual relationship

25至35岁夫妻的正常次数normal frequency of intercourse for married couples of 25 to 35

未曾达到高潮never achieve(reach)climax

在结婚头一年时常不容易达到极致frequently have difficulty in reaching orgasm in one's marital coitus in the first year of marriage

未曾尝过情欲高潮的极致have not experienced orgasm

仅有过一次情欲高潮的极致have only had an orgasm once

享受每一动作greatly enjoy every act of sexual intercourse

节欲be continent


Ejaculation was possible but penile erectile strength decreased.


Later,menstruation ceased and she became sexually aopathetic.

阴蒂边发痒、有刺激感itching and irritation around the clitoris

婚前的纵欲premarital sexual indulgence

婚前有过性关系engaged in premarital sexual relationship

接交过性病病人venereally exposed;venereal exposure

染淋疾,患梅毒contract gono.,get syphilis

否认与性病有染deny V.D. contact

不能人道inability to perform sexual intercourse

交媾疼痛painful coitus(coition)

突然变成阳萎suddenly became impotent


He noticed a nontender swelling appearing on and off in his right groin one week ago.


The patient complained of pruritus of the penis and itching in the soles of the feet,and an annoying sensation in the gingiva.


Menarche occurred at 13 years of age and the menstrual cycle remained within normal limits until the onset of menorrhagia.

月经开始(少量、中等、厚、多) (mild,moderate,frank,heavy)menses begin (start;commence;take place)

经期正常28~30日一次have normal period at 28-to 30-day intervals

月经规则,周期为28天,继续4天have regular period every 28 days that lasted 4 days

月经周期为28天have menstrual cycles of 28 days

月经开始不规则,并且长期无月经began to have menstrual irregularities with long period of amenorrhea

月经未曾失常have no previous menstrual aberrations

周期变成不定interval became variable

比平常多heavier than usual

发觉到月经持续不断并且过多noted persistent excessive menstrual flow

月经不来menses did not occur

停经已4年be 4 years postmenopausal

在46岁时停经passed(underwent;went through)the menopause at age 46

多量(块状,厚多)阴道出血加多,有几个月之久increasingly profuse (massive,frank)vaginal bleeding of several months duration.

月经过多,并且流出血块experience(develop)menorrhagia with passage of clots

有些轻微、无痛性阴道出血some slight painless vaginal bleeding

发觉经期外和性交后出血noted intermenstrual and postcoital bleeding

分泌少量厚汁物质drained a small amount of purulent material

间歇性的剧烈下腹痛intermittent,sharp,lower abdominal pains


She began to menstruate regularly at 13 at intervals of 28~32 days with slight dysmenorrheal.


The menstrual periods were painful and irregular,occurring approximately twice monthly.

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